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60 seconds with Pro Triathlete Lionel Sanders

Coach Skye / October 23, 2017
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Become a Better Runner

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The Importance of Cycling Hills

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20 minute whole body kettlebell workout

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Are there benefits you gain from training indoors?

When is it better to train indoors? Quite often I am asked whether an athlete can do their bike session indoors on an electric or wind trainer, rather than outdoors. The obvious answer here is when there is increased danger to riding outdoors, such as when it is raining, there are high winds or a…

Race on this recipe

This recipe is a great source of protein and carbohydrates pre-race. It’s my go-to meal the night before. Eat an early dinner and don’t over indulge. This meal plays it safe with no spices to upset your tummy. I don’t use exact measurements so adapt the quantity to suit yourself. Here are the ingredients and…

How you get powerful and fast on the treadmill

Get fast. How you get powerful and fast on the treadmill requires specific speed and incline workouts. I rely on these two treadmill sessions frequently. They are quick and effective workouts. The first workout promotes speed and activates those fast twitch fibres, the second builds strength and power replicating hill repeats. These sessions can be…

Lost focus mid race will kill your performance

Lost focus could be the kiss of death to your race. Precious time is lost when your attention drifts from on the job focus to just kicking your legs over and admiring the view. An absent mind could be the kiss of death to your race. Athletes that don’t allow distractions or boredom to affect…

Fuel your engine right and perform better with more energy

Fuel for thought. Fuel your engine right and performing better at triathlon is guaranteed. Diet and lifestyle work together to produce the best possible athlete. As a triathlete you have established a healthy lifestyle incorporating weekly strength, swim, bike and run workouts. You go to bed early and rise early to get 8 hours sleep.…

What factors motivate you to do triathlon and lust for more?

Motivation comes in all different forms. Some days it’s so easy. You virtually jump out of bed fired up and ready to take on the session with gutsy confidence and exuberant enthusiasm. Then we have THOSE days. You know the days that you press snooze on the alarm or roll over thinking it surely can’t…

Running to the toilet when exercising hard

When nature calls during exercise. Have you ever been caught out running to the toilet when exercising hard or worse still during a race? If you’re like me the answer is YES. So why does this happen and how can we prevent it? You’ll find much written on this topic and many explanations as why…

Exercise and training after a baby

Baby steps. Back to training and exercise after a baby is harder than first thought. The skill level is present, but fitness level is zero. So how do we re-enter and re-engage the muscles that haven’t been activated for 9 months? This is how. It’s small ‘baby’ steps (excuse the pun) to crawl your way…

Competing in Noosa Triathlon for the first time

Have you ever wanted to do Noosa Triathlon? I received an email recently advising that entries for next years Noosa Triathlon, were to go on sale next week. The individual entry cost for next year is $291.60, which includes the 8% active fee. It got me asking whether this entry fee was worth it and…

How new cycling laws are affecting you and your safety

Cycling laws and how they affect you. Following the introduction of new laws in some States and Territories within Australia, I have certainly felt noticeably safer whilst cycling on shared roads. When passing cyclists, drivers must now allow a minimum distance of 1m when the speed limit is 60km/h or less and at least 1.5m…