What you need to know to race Noosa Triathlon

Noosa triathlon

About Noosa triathlon course

Noosa Triathlon…..is a special course accompanied with great atmosphere, beautiful weather and scenery. It’s no wonder the event is the worlds largest with athletes and fans flocking to the sunshine coast to be apart of the 5 day festival.

The course itself includes the swim off beautiful and calm Noosa Main beach. It’s a beach start and easy to navigate anti clockwise swim, with only three turn buoys. The ocean swim is normally flat with very little current. Multiple wave starts endeavour to spread the field. In previous years the swim was in the canal in Noosa River to eliminate water chop, swell and waves. If conditions were deemed unfavourable, Noosa always has the canal as an alternative swim.

The bike is an out and back course, which given the athlete numbers is a blessing. At 10kms into the bike is Garmin Hill, which is a winding 3.4km climb at a 3.2% gradient. Small enough to be able to stay in the big chain ring and spin up with high cadence. Don’t be scared of Garmin Hill. It’s a solid climb, but manageable for every rider. Other than a fairly fast and furious decent on the way back in, the bike course is slightly undulating to flat. Any uphill sections are countered with a lightening fast down hill.

Be prepared for congestion on the course. It’s important to keep your head up and watch what’s out in front – especially if wet. Have your wits about you within the last 5km back into town, it can be very tight and crowed through this section.

The run course is also an out and back flat loop, with aid stations every 1km. This can be handy if the weather is hot. With such a large field and so many wave starts, you could find yourself out there in the middle of the day.

Flat, fast, busy and hot are four words that describe Noosa run course. Use the congestion to your advantage by pacing with another athlete. Or find an athlete in front of you and aim to catch them. There is nothing better than running past someone to boost your confidence.

The crowd is great at Noosa, especially when you run in and out of the transition area toward the first bridge on the course. Its slightly uphill so take it easy heading out over the first few kilometres as this can come back and bite you later on.

The grandstand finish has an atmosphere of its own, complete with the blue carpet, similar to the Olympic games event. Even better is the finish positioned on a slight downhill, which is always encouraging if chasing a personal best.

Tri Noosa Triathlon – it won’t disappoint!

Noosa Triathlon

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