This 12-week run specific program is for the person who wants to start something they haven’t attempted before. If you’re a non-runner and want to start hitting the pavement with no experience this program is for you!



We understand the first step is the hardest, so we’ve designed this introductory program to make the transition to running as easy as possible. We start with the run / walk method. Sessions are limited to 20 minutes at first and incorporate small amounts of running with walk recoveries.

You have 4 sessions per week providing both on road and treadmill alternatives. Every session is unique, designed to improve your fitness along with running form, speed, strength and endurance. In Week 9 we introduce 5 run sessions per week.

This program is packed with information on how to train, how to perform drills, conquering hills, improving your running efficiency plus nutrition suggestions and so much more! This is the ultimate guide for any beginner new to the world of running.

We encourage you to choose a race to coincide with this week 12 program. This creates a real incentive to continue training week in and week out. If you don’t wish to be competitive, and don’t want to race, that’s fine just enjoy the run journey with your own personal goals.

If you want to get moving, feel great and set yourself a NEW challenge this program is perfect for you. Transform your body, mind and lifestyle in just 12 weeks plus run 5km!


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