This 12-week run specific program is for the person who wants to progress and improve their 5km time. Truly conquering a 5km demands the same degree of preparation as a half or full marathon. It’s shorter, but it’s not easier! Therefore, this program dedicates 12 weeks to training specifically for this distance.



This program is for ambitious improvers who can already run 5km, but are looking to better their race time, increase their speed, running economy, form and skills. Choose a race to coincide with the last week of your program. The training blocks have proven to see peak performance come week 12 making this a perfect opportunity to get that personal best.

This program offers 4 run sessions per week plus a Parkrun every Saturday morning. If you can already run this distance, but looking to improve your 5km time this program is for you. ​Expect the first half of your training to have a strong focus on building your run base with aerobic base building runs. We alternate between speed and strength runs every week by including Pyramid and Fartlek sessions to work on your speed. Your strength runs will comprise of hill repeats building gradual effort or increasing the number of repeats. Your weekly drill runs will incorporate progressive drills to work on form. You should also expect stride, cadence, pick-ups and negative split runs.

Diverse training sessions will keep you highly motivated while still including the important easy, aerobic runs every week. Your sessions can be performed on road or indoors using the treadmill option available for most workouts.

This program is packed with information on how to train, how to perform drills, conquering hills, improving your running efficiency plus nutrition suggestions and so much more! This is the ultimate guide for any runner wanting to become a speed hound for the 5km dash. A fast 5km can be just as impressive as a marathon finish!


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