Top 20 points to race Noosa Triathlon

Noosa is fast approaching

The annual Noosa Triathlon Festival will be knocking on your door before you know it. If you have not all ready started training, a reminder that 13 August 2017 marks 12 weeks out from race day. With a smart training program and consistent training you are setting yourself up for a solid performance.

However, there is more to know about Noosa then just turning up on race day. As the worlds largest standard distance triathlon, we have some key points that every athlete should know before lining up at the start.

Key points to race Noosa triathlon

  • When registrations open online get in early because it has been known to sell out in a matter of minutes. Expect around 4000 competitors to take part in the Olympic distance triathlon. This year has yet again SOLD OUT.
  • Once you’ve registered get in early and book accommodation. Leaving this too late can mean you won’t get accommodation within walking distance and may need to stay further out. Expect accommodation to be expensive and in some cases a minimum 5 night stay.
  • Start your training program 12 weeks out from Noosa – a start date of 13 August 2017 will have you race ready.
  • Ensure open water in particular ocean swims are part of your weekly training. Practice beach entries and exits.
  • Pack both your wet suit and swim skin. The water temperature sometimes doesn’t always allow for a wet suit so come prepared to swim without it.
  • Arrive at Noosa a couple of days earlier and take the opportunity to enjoy the venue, see other events and familiarise yourself with the course.
  • The village and Expo is one of the best on the circuit, mainly due to the shear numbers. It could burn a whole in your pocket. Be prepared for a dose of good sporting retail therapy.
  • Do a practice ride on the course and include Garmin Hill in your ride.
  • Register on Friday as it gets extremely busy on Saturday. Expect crowds at Noosa before, during and after the race. It’s a great atmosphere, but a busy time of year. Expect to wait in line when picking up your registration kit.
  • Get to transition early and give yourself ample time to set up and grab a good spot to rack your bike.
  • The swim exit to Transition 1 is long. Don’t spike your heart rate more then you will on the bike.
  • Take fluids on the bike. The temperature at this time of year will be hot. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty, take small sips to remain hydrated and prepare yourself for the run.
  • Make sure your bottles are secure on your bike so they won’t pop off when you ride over the timing mat at the top of Garmin Hill or the speed humps around Noosaville. Better still if you have a bladder use it.
  • Know where the green zones are and where you’re allowed to draft.
  • Post race don’t forget to collect your bike by 4pm from transition.
  • Noosa is Australia’s favourite finish line party. Shopping, beach, dining out and celebrating with a cold drink in the sun should be on everyone’s agenda.
  • Tick that box. Do Noosa – the worlds largest triathlon!

Noosa triathlon


Noosa Triathlon

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