Effective Treadmill Workouts

Leaner, stronger, faster

Treadmill Workouts for Maximum Gain in Minimal Time

Like so many other things in fitness, you get out of the treadmill what you put in. Once you step on the treadmill, it’s time to envision your fitness goals, work hard and train like an athlete to achieve them.

These basic treadmill workouts are crucial for bringing about results and keeping you mentally stimulated. Get leaner, faster and stronger by performing these workouts.

You can modify these workouts by making the component parts shorter or longer, adding intervals, hill repeats, adjusting speed etc, but the basic format should always remain the same.

30 Minute Tempo

1o min easy

5 min tempo / 5 min easy / 5 min tempo

5 min cool down

30 Minute 8 x 1 Intervals

10 min easy

8 x 1 min hard (RPE 9 out of 10) with 1 min recoveries

5 min cool down

30 Minute Hill Repeats

10 min easy

5 x 2 min hills (incline at a level you can hold for 2 mins)  with 1 min recoveries

5 min cool down

30 Minute Building Pace

10 min easy

4 x 2 min moderate speed / 30 sec SR (standing rest)

4 x 1 min hard speed / 20 sec SR

4 x 30 sec fast speed / 10 sec SR

10 min cool down

50 Minute Pyramid Down

10 min easy

10 min at 12 speed / 1 min SR (standing rest )

8 min at 12.5 speed / 1 min SR

6 min at 13 speed / 1 min SR

4 min at 13.5 speed / 1 min SR

2 min at 14 speed / 1 min SR

5 min cool down

Adjust the speed suitable to your ability for the above set. This is simply an example. The objective is to increase your speed by 0.5 every interval.

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