60 second gap with Pro Triathlete James Cunnama

We asked Pro Triathlete James Cunnama to spend 60 seconds

James has an impressive and extensive list of wins across all distances, which includes a 1st place at Challenge Roth in 2012 with a sub 8 hour performance and a 4th place at the Ironman World Championship Kona in 2013. Here we find out a little more about him in and out of his lycra.
Age – 33
Where do you live – Stellenbosch, South Africa
Wife / girlfriend or both – Jodie Cunnama (nèe Swallow)
Kids – not yet
Favourite drink – beer
Favourite food – lasagne
What’s the best thing about being a pro triathlete – All the places i have been
What music do you listen to before a race – Anything calm and relaxing

‘Aim for your best race, and enjoy it. Don’t lose the fun through inflated goals’


What are you going to be when you grow up – Slower
Preferred distance – Ironman
Favourite race – Alpe D’Huez triathlon
Biggest change you have seen in triathlon – How many races there are on the calendar each year
Wax or shave – shave
Next A race – Ironman South Africa African Champs
Best piece of advice ever given – Don’t be shit.
Best mantra you use when racing – Do your own race.
What do you do when you are not racing / training – Sleep, Watch TV, DIY at home
One piece of advice for the age grouper – Aim for your best race, and enjoy it. Don’t lose the fun through inflated goals
Favourite sports star – Muhammad Ali
One super power you would like to have – Flying.
Any sponsors you would like to mention – Cervelo, ENVE, TYR, Oakley, Rotor

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