60 second gap with Pro Triathlete Timothy O’Donnell

We asked Pro Triathlete Timothy O’Donnell to spend 60 seconds

In 2012, O’Donnell transitioned from the Navy to focus exclusively on triathlon. Since that time, he has been a full-time professional triathlete, training, racing, and serving as an ambassador of the sport through organizations such as Team RWB (www.teamrwb.org).

Since this time, Tim has placed in the top 10 at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii three times, including a 3rd placed finish in 2015 and also the fastest American in that year and 2013. Having won at over 20 major events around the world, we sort to find out from Tim what makes him so successful.

Age – 36
Where do you live – Boulder, Colorado
Wife / girlfriend or both – Married to Mirinda Carfrae
Kids – No kids
Favourite drink – Cabernet
Favourite food – Rib Eye
What’s the best thing about being a pro triathlete – Getting to train for a living

‘Don’t rush in to Ironman racing, build in from Olympic to half to full Ironmans’

What music do you listen to before a race – Foo Fighters
What are you going to be when you grow up – To be determined
Preferred distance – Ironman

Favourite race – Kona
Biggest change you have seen in triathlon – Race expansion
Wax or shave – Shave
Next A race – Ironman Brazil or Ironman Boulder
Best piece of advice ever given – Decide what you want to be, pay the price and be what you want to be
Best mantra you use when racing – Don’t give up the ship
What do you do when you are not racing / training – Sleep, eat and drink wine
One piece of advice for the age grouper – Don’t rush in to Ironman racing, build in from Olympic to half to full Ironmans
Favourite sports star – Larry Bird number 33 Boston Celtics
One super power you would like to have – Know the answer to any question
Any sponsors you would like to mention – Trek – Clif Bar – Castelli – Garmin – Hoka


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