60 seconds with Pro Triathlete Lionel Sanders

Canadian Lionel Sanders was labelled this years WILD CARD at the Ironman World Championship KONA. Despite, proving his abilities over the distance posting a then-record breaking time of 7:44:29 at 2016 Ironman Arizona, he has struggled previously at Kona.

Late last year he said he would be skipping the 2017 Kona race, but some developments over the summer caused him to have a change of heart. And thank goodness for that! What an epic performance he delivered to finish second behind Germanys Patrick Lange.

Age – 29
Where do you live – Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Wife / girlfriend or both – fiancé – Erin MacDonald (will be wife November 2017)
Kids – Fur baby – Chewy – Beagle
Favourite drink – Chocolate Milk
Favourite food – Pizza
What’s the best thing about being a pro triathlete – Travelling the world

What music do you listen to before a race – Trance and/or Deep House
What are you going to be when you grow up – A High Performance Triathlon Coach
Preferred distance – Full Ironman (the reason I got into triathlon)

Favourite race – Mt.Tremblant
Biggest change you have seen in triathlon – Quality of the field
Wax or shave – Shave
Next ‘A’ race – After Kona?
Best piece of advice ever given – Train hard and recover harder
Best mantra you use when racing – No Limits!
What do you do when you are not racing / training I am – golfing, spending time in the sun with family…should be playing drums more too!
One piece of advice for the age grouper – Do most of your training above or below race pace
Favourite sports star – Micheal Jordon
One super power you would like to have – Natural swimming ability
Any sponsors you would like to mention – Freshii, Skechers, Louis Garneau, Oakley

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