Training Sessions

What to Expect when Triathlon Training?

What to expect from triathlon training If I said, ‘just go swim, bike, run and you’ll be ready for your first triathlon,’ I’d be discrediting the complexity of the sport. I’ll explain what to expect from each discipline. There is an enormous amount to grasp when you start triathlon training. You’ll either love it, or it’ll be …

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Triathlon Race Day Guidelines

Pre race expectations Your first triathlon should be about finishing, not time orientated. You’ll feel overwhelmed in transition when you rack your bike and lay down your equipment. Your head will spin. Expect a lot of testosterone flying around, genetically enhanced humans, shaved bodies, an air of arrogance, name dropping and typical triathlon war stories. …

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20 minute whole body kettlebell workout

Kettlebells are the bomb for strength workouts We’ve talked about the importance of strength and conditioning training for triathletes. Agree, it’s hard to get this extra session into a jam packed triathlon training schedule, but a short, explosive 20 minute workout such as this, IS possible using kettlebells. Kettlebells are best known for their calling-card …

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