Classic and costly triathlon mistakes

Spectacular triathlon mistakes.

Triathlon offers the opportunity for spectacular mistakes. It’s the nature of the beast. A complex sport that gives rise to athletes making mistakes. One athlete shares their most embarrassing moment…..when they thought someone else’s gear was their gear.

One Tri Life athlete recalls that in their first Sprint Triathlon they racked their bike in transition after the bike leg, keen to get out onto the run. Their spot in transition was easily found by their bright new Asics Noosa Tri shoes.

After racking his bike next to these shoes the athlete thought that someone had swapped his brand new $30 head sweat with an old Corporate Challenge cap from the 1980’s. Angered by the apparent swap or theft, our Tri Life athlete grabbed this crappy old hat and threw it as far as he could having it land about 30 metres away.

Still reflecting on how far he had thrown the perpetrators cap our athlete then went to put on the new Asics shoes only to realize he was in fact at the wrong spot in transition. His spot (with exactly the same Asics shoes) was in fact two bikes further down. Needless to say our athlete went on to have a good run wearing his brand new head sweat.

Here’s another beautiful stuff up.

This Tri Life athlete thought it would save her valuable time in transition if she wore her $350 swim skin for the whole Fiji long course event. The plan was to compete the long course race 2km swim / 80km bike and 20km run entirely in her swim skin. For a little extra comfort she put cycling nicks over the top in transition for the ride. Can you imagine how this would look?

Half way through the bike leg she noticed the crutch of the swim skin start to break down. Perhaps, due to the friction between the saddle and her legs. Effectively the swim skin was slowly falling apart.

Dumping her bike in transition she made head way for the 4-looped run course. It wasn’t long until she realized she was still wearing her cycling nicks over the top. Very hot and uncomfortable she stopped and ripped off the nicks and threw them into the bushes.

After finishing the race and celebrating with a couple of champagnes she soon remembered the cycling nicks left in the bushes roadside. Off she went to locate them, but it soon become apparent some lucky Fijian had scored a pair of cycling nicks. As for the swim skin, she washed it then put it in a commercial dryer. It shrunk and the small holes were now so large the garment was never worn again.

This Tri Life athlete…..ME….learnt her lesson.

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