We understand that sometimes you have questions so we have put together a list of the questions that we get asked the most.

We cover everything from product questions to training questions and if there is anything you can't see- drop us an email at coach@trilifecoaching.com.au and we will get back to you asap.

Payment Questions

No, we do not charge a start up fee. The one fee covers your entire 12 or 14 week training program.

Program fees are payable in advance of receiving programs.

For your piece of mind and security, we accept payment via PayPal. Even if you don't have a PayPal account, you are still able to make payment this way via Credit or Debit card.


Product Questions

No, there is no membership requirement.

No, but we encourage you to incorporate training with other people.

When choosing a program take into account your budget and personal situation. Our online programs are 12 and 14 weeks and are separated into Beginner and Intermediate levels for Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman distances.


We suggest you choose a race and commence training either 12 or 14 weeks out from race day. Your program will take you right up to race day and give you absolutely everything you need to know.

Yes – 5km, 10km, 21km and 42km programs coming SOON.

Yes, we provide nutritional guidelines for racing and training in all our programs

No, you must be over 16 years of age.

Yes, if you commit to the #thisjustgotreal personalised program.

We believe Ironman programs should be custom built for the individual and therefore are offered through the #thisjustgotreal personalised program.

Training Questions

Yes, we understand that work, family and social occasions are important

Your program has been created on ‘best practice’ but you can change sessions to accommodate your lifestyle and requirements.

Run, swim and bike drills are on the Tri Life website. Check them out!


Open water sessions are provided in every program from Week 5 onwards.

Yes. Strength and conditioning training will greatly assist your triathlon performance. Strength workouts are on the Tri Life website. Check them out!

Your downloadable programs can be stopped, started or paused at any time.

On high-level packages, you have consultation before and after the race and on the highest package your coach will attend where possible.

Equipment Questions

No, but wind trainer sessions are on the Tri Life website. Electric trainer sessions are provided if you have this equipment and commit to the #thisjustgotreal personalised program.

No, but this will add diversity to your training. Rainy Day Treadmill Sessions are on the Tri Life website. Check them out!

Goggles, swim cap, kick board, pull buoy, paddles, band and fins. A wetsuit for open water sessions offered later in all programs (optional) is recommended if swimming in cold temperatures.

You only need a road bike, but if you have a TT bike we recommend training on this in the later stages of the program.

Helmet, cycling nicks and jersey, bike shoes, (bike computer, GPS and power metres for experienced triathletes)

Yes, swim sets can be completed in either a 25m or 50m pool.

Yes, the more information obtained during training the better post training analysis available.