Run, Bike, Swim, Live

At Tri Life Coaching we want to inspire you to better your life. Whether your goals are to simply get moving and exercise or to train for that ‘race of your life’ we want to be a part of it. We provide extensive information, updates on the latest triathlon developments and races, functional videos to illustrate the correct way to perform a skill, nutritional advice whether for racing or to lose weight, injury prevention plus so much more. We want you to feel a part of a ‘tribe’ of like-minded people where we share our knowledge and offer our expertise. We want this space to be your one-stop-shop for anything triathlon.

Our Philosophy

If you’re new to triathlon, it has the potential to change your life. Triathlon is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. That being said, we are all about balance. We train smart to ensure there is plenty of time to enjoy all the other ‘good’ things in life. Our programs do require a degree of self-discipline and at times will be demanding. However, that old adage if it was meant to be easy, everybody would do it is so true. If you’re doing triathlon then you’re already seeking a personal challenge at some level, because it’s not an easy sport.

Triathlon, will not only get you fit or if you’re already fit, build on that fitness, but it will also enhance your life. You will find people in your life wanting a piece of the action and asking questions. You will inspire.

What we love about this sport is the variety. Pool or open water swims, peddling beautiful coastlines, spinning indoors, running the pavement, trails or ramping it up on the treadmill. Triathlon offers it ALL.

In addition to this diversity, you can choose from so many distances, Enticer, Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman or Ironman. Let's not forget the potential to travel. See the world and do triathlon….what a great mix. You’ll become accustomed to seeing different locations around the world where our athletes have traveled. We love to share their experiences.

If you’re starting out and not sure about taking on every discipline perhaps start with ONE. We offer stand alone run programs. You can still participate in triathlon with one discipline by competing in a team. A great way to test the water and see if the triathlon environment is for you?

At Tri Life we are not JUST about training. Our point of difference is how we work together to reach your goals. Regardless of your program choice, we support your triathlon journey.