#thisjustgotreal programs are a dedicated program for triathletes who want a fully personalised plan and one-on-one training and support to help them achieve their goals in any distance from Sprint to Ironman.

Only $179 per month

(That's less than $6 per day!!)

What is #thisjustgotreal about?

#thisjustgotreal is the ultimate advanced program for the triathlete who wants individual and personalised training, tailored towards their abilities and goals. This program incorporates the Training Peaks platform, which has the ability to track your progress and enter data.

#thisjustgotreal program is the ultimate for people who need the best training, on their own terms to fit around their lifestyle. You get your entire training modified to fit in with your needs and goals. To assess your skill level, we’ll complete baseline testing for run and bike. This will help us know how we’ll proceed.

You’ll get strength and conditioning sessions when necessary. What’s more, you’ll have pre-race and post-race briefs, post-race recovery instructions and Kickr sessions through Trainer Road app.

We're dedicated to giving all the support you need. That's why we schedule fortnightly Skype or Face Time sessions to check on your progress and discuss the way forward. To give you a feel of what you’re up for during a real race, this program includes a race simulation practice. This will help polish up on areas you might have overlooked.

No one succeeds in triathlon alone. With Tri Life on your side, you can take triathlon where YOU want it to go.

Want to know more?

Contact us for a free Triathlon consultation to help you with your goals.

Choosing a Triathlon Training Program

Who wants to be tied in and committed in the era of maximum flexibility? Not us, and nor do our clients, that's why we ask for no contracts or tie in. Just sign up with us, and get your race-face on while we help build your triathlon skills.

Our main focus is to work with you and find ways to improve your weaknesses while perfecting your strengths.


Metrics of Success

#thisjustgotreal also incorporates the Training Peaks platform, allowing you to enter data and track your progress.

Tri Life Coaching backed by Training Peaks technology allows you to train smarter, not harder, and spend less time on the less important and more time on the high impact aspects of your training

So what do you get?

Personal training plan created specifically for your goals and abilities

Target training workout intensity levels

One on one Skype sessions fortnightly

Specific goals for each session

Strength and conditioning sessions

Race simulation practice

Online delivery via Training Peaks

Kickr sessions delivered through Trainer Road

Garmin and Training Peaks analysis

Equipment guidelines including details of essential equipment for swim, bike and run training

Video analysis

Unlimited email to coaches

Pre and post race brief and anlysis

Post-race recovery instructions

Access to private Facebook support and information group

Don't just take our word for it

“I’ve gone from sprint distance racing to training for my first 70.3. The variety of each session keeps it interesting. Awesome programming, race planning and performance mapping. I’ve become stronger in every discipline, gained confidence and remain highly motivated. I recommend joining the Tri Life team.”

Rachel Nelmes, Triathlete

Not The One You Are Looking For?

Choose #getmehome  programs for people who just want to finish, or #thisjustgotreal for the ultimate in tailored coaching, suitable committed athletes of all levels and distances.

You can quit if you want, and no one will care. But YOU will know for the rest of your life.

John Collins (Founder of The Ironman)

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