Challenge Yourself

Running programs created by Triathlon experts, designed to give you results no matter what your fitness levels.

And just $99 one-off payment for a full 12-week training plan!


  • Nutrition Plan

    Find out how to eat great food, while feeling more energetic and carrying less body fat.

  • Support

    Whether you run alone or with friends, you can rely on us to bring you support and motivation to help you keep going.

  • Hints & Tips

    Run smarter and harder with expert tips that our customers tell us are worth the program price by themselves.

  • Flexible Training

    Fit your training in around your lifestyle. No timetables, no schedules equals a less demanding, more enjoyable training regime.

  • 12 Week Training Programs

    Wide-ranging exercises over 3 months allows you to achieve lasting results without getting bored. Keep shocking your body and having fun!

  • Just $99

    We have priced our programs as low as possible because we want to make sure they are affordable for every budget. We really do believe that this is the most powerful change you can make to your life for $99.

Our Programs

Our #TRIRUN programs are for people who want results! We have 5km, 10km, 21km and Marathon programs for beginner and intermediate runners.

Can't find what you are looking for? We also offer personalised run programs tailored specially for you and your goals.


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Don't just take our word for it- let the results speak for themselves.

Ange Dobbin

As a weekly Park runner I wanted to improve my 5k time. The #getmybestParkrun works a treat! I had more structure and discipline following a program and YES got my PB.

Ange Dobbin

Peter Walsh

"I retired recently and with more time wanted to do more exercise. I downloaded the #couchto5km run program and couldn't believe how I was feeling in just a few weeks. As a beginner, it gently eased me into running. The program was well designed with loads of extra material. I'm now running 5km consistently."

Peter Walsh

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